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T.H. Colebourn Ltd
57-61 Victoria Street
Douglas Isle of Man

Mr. T. H. Colebourn first started in the radio business in 1924 shortly after the start of public service broadcasting, and manufactured "wireless sets" under the brand name of Cleartone.  Nearly 100 years and four generations later Colebourns is still 100% owned and run by the Colebourn family and although we have expanded into neighbouring premises, we are still trading from the same corner site.

The story is a long one but some of the landmarks in Colebourn’s history since WW2 were:
  • Public Address systems for “around the course” coverage of the TT Races.
  • Championing the case for a high power radio station to rival Radio Luxembourg, to have been called “Radio Manx”. However, this resulted in the establishment of the first Commercial Local station in Britain now known as “Manx Radio”
  • Speeding up the local installation of BBC television transmitters, by “demonstrating” a TV Transmitter, relaying to I.O.M. viewers the BBC’s coverage of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  (We forgot to switch it off!)
As the leading Consumer Electronics Retailer on the Island we have always been the first to introduce new and innovative consumer technology to the Isle of Man. Nearly 100 years ago it was radio, 60 years ago it was television, and 50 years ago colour television. Today we have the internet, wafer thin smart TVs, apps that can control every electrical appliance in the home from anywhere in the world, and access to 100s of TV channels. Every radio station in the world and more music than you could listen to in a lifetime are available wirelessly and at the touch of a button. All of this technology is on display at our showrooms and available to be demonstrated to you by our knowledgeable staff.What the advance in technology will bring in 10 or 20 years is any one’s guess but our intention is that Colebourns will still be trading from the same site, still run by the Colebourn family, still showcasing the latest consumer electronics and domestic appliances. and still providing the best island wide sales and backup service that we have done since October 6th 1924.
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