Mitchell and Brown have joined Retra as an associate member.

3 years ago

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Retra is the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers and servicing organisations. They also represent their member’s views and interests at a national level, maintaining dialogue with manufacturers, Government and other key organisations in supporting our member’s needs.

Why did Mitchell & Brown decide to join?

Dan Brown comments: “After being a Retra retail member for many years and with the continued success of the Mitchell and Brown brand, we felt the time was right for us to become a Retra associate member to reinforce our commitment and support for Retra and also the independent retail sector as a whole. We also feel that by becoming an associate member we can expand our strong partnership with Retra and hopefully with other independent retailers with the same business ethics and family values such ourselves.”

For further information please contact:

Dan Brown
Operations Director
Mitchell & Brown

01204 324325 


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