Google Assistant

Google Assistant TV


With Google Assistant you can make things even simpler by controlling the TV with voice commands. Quickly find and play your favourite shows, get answers, and control your home. 

With a smart TV with Google Assistant you can use your voice to control your TV, easily search for movies and shows, get answers, manage tasks, and more. Cast photos, videos, and music from smart devices to your TV.

Plan your day

With your permission, your Google Assistant TV can help with things like your daily agenda, flight information, or commute to work. Check the latest weather and traffic in your area.

Discover content

A Mitchell & Brown TV with Google Assistant built in will help you find your favourite shows and movies, or discover new ones. Search by genre, year, or actor.

Play content

With specific commands you can play your favourite shows and movies, and control your media with just your voice.

Examples of voice commands that can be used to control your smart TV:

Playback: “Pause”, “Stop”, “Resume”.

Channels: “Switch to BBC News” / “Channel [name or number].”

Volume: “Louder”, “Increase volume” / “Lower” “Decrease volume” / “Adjust volume to [number]”

Input: “Switch to HDMI 2” / “Connect to Bluetooth” / Disable: “Turn off”

Examples of voice commands that can be used to watch TV:

Movies and TV shows: “Watch Stranger Things on Netflix” / “Open [movie title or show] on [streaming service]”

Search: “Search for romantic movies” / “Search sitcoms” / “Show sci-fi TV shows” / “Show movies by [actor or actress]”

Video clips: “Watch funny cat videos”

Apps: “Open YouTube”

Info: “Talk about Game of Thrones”

Your Google Assistant is now ready to help on eligible TV devices. Press the mic button on your remote to get started.

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