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Every model in our Mitchell & Brown range is equipped with a USB port. USB connections are great for connecting your computer peripherals, transferring multimedia files, powering other devices like TV dongles, updating the TV’s firmware, connecting TV accessories, and playing multimedia files like movies or songs.

Playing Multimedia Files

One of the most common reasons why a TV is fitted with a USB port is to transfer or play multimedia files. You can hook a pen drive, a flash drive, or an external hard drive to the TV’s USB port and play your favorite songs, watch movies, or read books.

Having a USB port also allows you to view photos from the gallery of any digital media device or a hard drive. The only thing you need to be check is that the multimedia formats of the images / photos are compatible for your Mitchell & Brown model.

Powering Streaming Devices and Charing Your Smartphone

A TV’s USB port can also be used as a power supply for devices like Chromecast, Roku, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. They generally require a power source to function, therefore plugging in to the HDMI and then using the USB port to power.

You can also use the USB port on your TV to charge your smartphone if you have no other options.

One thing to note is that the phone’s battery won’t charge as fast as it does with a standard power adapter. You’ll also need to turn the TV on to charge the phone via the USB port. Connect the USB cable to the phone and plug the other end into the television. Once you turn the tv on, the device will start charging.

Connecting Computer Accessories

With a TV’s USB port, you can connect computer accessories like a mouse and keyboard to your TV through the USB port. That helps if you have a smart TV with inbuilt apps like web browsers and social media.


Connecting computer peripherals to your TV can provide better navigation for certain tasks, unlike when you use a handheld remote.