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47 High Street
BS20 6AA

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Following a career as a qualified TV and Radio engineer and progressing to managing director of a company with 15 shops, Cliff Freeman decided to start his own business and commenced trading as Freemans in 1967. 

These were the early days of television, with only two channels in black & white until colour TV arrived in 1968 when a 19” was 395 guineas!

Imagine, no computers, no ipods, no digital radio, no satellite TV, no flat screens, no compact discs.

The products in 1967 were very unsophisticated by today's standards, however, just as the latest products today are new and innovative, so were the early televisions, record players, radiograms and the 7 ”single.

Freemans have moved with the times and now offer a wide range of products with the very latest in cutting edge technology. We differ from most of our competitors in that we treat every customer with great care, we listen to their requirements and explain the options available. 

Once a purchase is made we deliver all major items and offer a full installation service, we provide our own service and repair facility and a technical helpline.

Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of the business and will be only too pleased to assist you with your requirements.

" Feel good with Mitchell & Brown TV "