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Did You Know About Freeview’s Accessible TV Guide?

Freeview announced the first roll out of its award-winning Accessible TV Guide, that was easily available to viewers via Channel 555 on supported Freeview Play devices. 

Freeview’s Accessible TV Guide makes the viewing process extremely easy for people with accessibility needs, such as visual impairments or hearing loss, to discover and find content with supreme ease.


Developed with insight from viewers, advocacy groups, and accessibility research agencies, including the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Scope and the Digital Accessibility Centre, the Accessible TV Guide won Gold at the 2020 Connected TV Awards for ‘Advancing the User Experience’.  

The first dedicated accessibility solution to launch on a UK TV platform, the guide is easy to find via Channel 555 on Freeview Play TVs and offers viewers a seamless experience which is uniform across devices and works straight out of the box.  

Setup Guide

The user journey has been crafted to be easy to navigate for viewers with visual impairments, featuring a high-contrast UI, screen magnification, and text-to-speech functionality.

Upon selecting Channel 555 on a supported device, viewers will be asked for their preferred accessibility settings from the below options -  

  • Use Text to Speech for on screen navigation  
  • Show only programmes with audio description  
  • Show only programmes with subtitles  
  • Show only programmes with sign language  

Following this, viewers can choose to watch a demo of how the guide works or head straight to the guide.

The guide will launch a filtered version of the linear TV schedule showing the content coming up that fits the viewer’s own accessibility criteria. From here viewers can browse the available content and select what they want to watch.

It must be noted that viewers with supported devices may need to retune their TVs to start receiving the Accessible TV Guide. 


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