Can I control my Mitchell & Brown TV using a phone, tablet or other smart devices?

Yes, however, you must have a Smart version of our TV’s (FSM & FSM4K models) and be connected to the same wireless network.
Here's how to setup your device

Do Mitchell & Brown TV's support the function to record from the TV to a USB?

  • The TV's Support USB playback,  but unfortunately they cannot record TV content on to a USB stick.

What do I need to do if my TV has developed a fault?

  • Contact the Mitchell & Brown customer service team on the following number: 01204 324 325  

Programme Your Remote For Your Mitchell & Brown TV

How do I get the Catchup service?

  • The catchup service is only available if you have an aerial connected to the TV. You can either use a hardwired aerial or an indoor aerial.

What do I need to get Freeview Play?

How does my smart service work?

  • The smart service (Apps) requires your TV to be connected to an aerial, the TV to be tuned in and connected to the Internet.

How to find your nearest retailer?

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