Big Demand for Big Buttons

You asked for easy-to-use big button remotes, and we delivered!

We launched our Big Button Remote Control following overwhelming demand from retailers through the 2023 retailer survey.

The Mitchell & Brown Big Button Remote Control focuses on simplicity, point and click to use. Requiring no codes or IR learning, compatibility with the widest number of TV brands on the market, and large, raised buttons for basic functions with clear labelling. Ideal for those with poor finger dexterity or impaired vision, the control provides prominent volume adjustment and channel change buttons, alongside power, mute and menu controls.focus

“Our 2023 retailer survey revealed a number of gaps in the market that no manufacturer was adequately filling,” comments Dan Brown, Purchasing Director for Mitchell & Brown. “Top of that list for almost 80% of retailers surveyed was an affordable, simple-to-use, large button remote control that avoided the rigmarole of programming it to a specific make of TV using a PIN code or laborious remote-to-remote IR learning. We are delighted to launch our solution – a big button remote control with no set-up required at all!”

Compatible with all Mitchell & Brown TVs as well as models from the likes of Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic, our Mitchell & Brown Big Button Remote Control will work with almost any TV on the market manufactured beyond the year 2000 as soon as the batteries are installed. The user simply points the remote at the TV and uses it as normal. This also allows the remote to be moved seamlessly between different rooms and different TVs around the home without reprogramming.

The curved design and large body have been engineered to be easy to hold, with the main volume and channel Up/Down controls emphasized as oversized square buttons close to the natural thumb position. Ideal for customers that have to switch glasses between viewing and controlling the TV in order to see the small legends on a traditional remote, Mitchell & Brown’s solution is sure to prove popular across the TV buying market.

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