Freeview Play

How can I tell if my TV has Freeview Play?

Not sure if your TV has Freeview Play? The simple guide below will help you identify whether your TV has Freeview Play.

Visit channel 100 on your TV

Make sure your TV is connected to the internet and visit channel 100, if your TV has Freeview Play you will see the screen shown on the left. Giving you access to all your favourite on-demand players, Search and Recommendations features and support from the Help & Alerts section, all in one place.

Check your remote for a Freeview Play button

Whilst not available on all Freeview Play devices, select devices feature a Freeview Play button on the device’s remote control. This can be displayed as Freeview Play or F Play for short.

Check the TV guide on your device

Visit the TV guide on your device, here you should see the Freeview Play logo displayed in the corner of your screen.

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