How to improve your TV sound

Immersing yourself in the world of your favourite team or getting lost in the thrilling moments of a blockbuster movie is, all the more exciting when accompanied by top quality sound.

Ensuring that your TV delivers the best audio experience possible allows you to fully appreciate the content you’re watching. In the realm of cutting-edge 2023 TVs, equipped with smart features and boasting impressive picture quality, optimizing your audio settings becomes essential. Here are a few tips to ensure that you unlock the full potential of your TV’s audio capabilities.

how-to-improve-your-tvs sound

1. Adjust Your TV’s Sound Settings

One of the easiest ways to make a significant difference in audio quality is by tweaking your TV’s sound settings. Access the settings menu on your TV, where you’ll find various options to customize the audio to your preference.

The available sound settings may vary depending on your TV’s manufacturer and model, but most TVs offer the following adjustments:

Explore Different Sound Modes: Just as your TV has picture modes for different viewing experiences, it also provides sound modes tailored to specific content types like cinema or sports. Some manufacturers even offer dialogue-boosting modes. Try switching between sound modes while watching different content until you find the one that suits you best.

Note: Certain sound options may restrict your ability to change sound modes. Refer to your TV’s manual for detailed information. Before changing sound modes on our TVs, disable Dolby Audio Processing (if available) in the Audio settings, accessible by pressing the menu button on your remote and selecting sound.

*Menu images shown from current 2023 Android TV Range, older generation menus may vary.

how-to-improve-your-tvs sound
how-to-improve-your-tvs sound

2. Customize the Equalizer

If your TV offers standard or user sound profiles, you can further enhance the audio experience by adjusting the equalizer settings. Similar to the controls on a hi-fi speaker, equalizer settings allow you to fine-tune specific sound frequencies.

The equalizer typically includes controls for different sound ranges, such as bass and treble frequencies. Lower numbers adjust bass frequencies (e.g., the rumble of a train or the onomus beat before a jump scare), while higher numbers modify treble frequencies (e.g., bird songs).

If you find the sound muffled or struggle to hear dialogue clearly, try reducing the bass and increasing the treble. For a more impactful movie experience, amplify the bass.

*Menu images shown from current 2023 Android TV Range, older generation menus may vary.

3. Experiment with Advanced Sound Processing Options

Some TVs offer advanced sound processing options, such as virtual surround or Dolby Atmos processing, which create a sense of audio coming from all directions. While your TV’s built-in speakers won’t replicate the precise surround sound of a cinema, enabling these features in your TV’s settings menu might add an extra level of immersion to your content. Give them a try and see if they enhance your audio quality.

*Menu images shown from current 2023 Android TV Range, older generation menus may vary.

4. Enable Auto Volume

Have you ever noticed how commercials tend to be louder than the TV program you were watching or how a show suddenly blasts your ears with music after quiet dialogue scenes? To address this issue, some TVs include an auto volume setting designed to even out such fluctuations and reduce sudden bursts of loud sounds. If these volume imbalances frequently disrupt your viewing experience, consider enabling the auto volume feature on your TV.

By following these tips, you can maximize your TV’s audio potential and enjoy an immersive sound experience, whether you’re diving into a movie or engrossed in live sports.

*Menu images shown from current 2023 Android TV Range, older generation menus may vary.

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