DVD Combi Range

Mitchell and Brown DVD TV Models

A TV with a built in DVD player is a great option for people with limited space. Buying a DVD Combi TV means you don’t need to buy a separate DVD Player which not only saves you money, but there’s also no cables cluttering up your living space.

Our Smart TV DVD Combis offer a simple way to watch DVDs and Freeview Play and as the screen sizes rarely exceed 32” in these models, they are perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms, caravans or even kitchens!

Another reason to opt for a Mitchell & Brown DVD TV combo is their portability compared to regular TVs. There’s just one screen to transport so you can unplug them and go! They’re ideal for students, caravan owners and people who travel often. Not only that, but most smart TVs with a DVD player come with Freeview tuners, and some have advanced features, such as Freeview HD, Freeview Play, app support for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video and Facebook, and even built-in sound bars.

In conclusion, TV DVD combis are worth considering if you’re looking for a simple and reasonably priced product. If you’re in search of a TV to play DVDs or watch television in a second living room, study, or kitchen – look no further. Alternatively, they’re great presents for a son or daughter heading off to university, or a grandchild who loves to watch DVDs in their bedroom.

Mitchell and Brown offer an excellent range of Smart and Non-Smart TVs with DVD players built in. If you’re looking to access a variety of apps like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube as well as watch your favourite DVDs, make sure to check out our Smart TVs with a DVD player which are available in different screen sizes.


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