Bringing Silver Screen Classics Back to Life: Mitchell & Brown Answers Call for DVD Player Revival

We have made a surprise new product announcement with the launch of our JB-DVD1811 DVD player. This compact and fully featured DVD player is in response to retailer and customer requests following many consumer electronics brands stopping the production of new players.

“Our loyal independent retailers across the UK have been calling out for a low-cost solution to get their customers back watching their favourite movies on DVD,” says Mitchell & Brown’s Operational Director, Dan Brown. “Our JB-DVD1811 offers a full-function remote control, CD playback, LED display, and a USB socket for picture slideshow playback. It is everything the customer could want for movie entertainment in a simple insert disc and press play format”

The JB-DVD1811 offers HDMI connection, composite video, and even a SCART output for legacy TVs. It also offers stereo RCA output so customers can play CDs to a separate stereo system. The player offers direct disc control via buttons on the front panel, Dolby Audio output, and a small (225mm / 9 inches wide) form factor to hide discreetly beneath the TV.

“You can’t beat owning a film on physical media,” adds Dan. “Many of our traditional Mitchell & Brown customers have large DVD libraries, often with no way to play them since their old player developed a fault. They can now enjoy that entire collection on a new Mitchell & Brown DVD player for less than the cost of a three-month premium subscription to Netflix.”

While the general trend for home movie entertainment is towards digital, there remains a market for physical media players, particularly among collectors and enthusiasts. Limited editions, special releases, and certain genres like horror and cult classics maintain their appeal in physical formats like DVDs. With little or no resale value, old DVD collections are often sitting on the shelf or in the garage. The JB-DVD1811 offers independent retail customers a low-cost option for easy playback and the fun of rediscovering old favourites.

“Classics like Twister, Mars Attacks, A Time to Kill, Interview with a Vampire, and a host of other nearly three-decade-old movies are unlikely to see the light of day on streaming services obsessed with major blockbusters and super-series longer than a shaggy dog story,” adds Dan. “Our new DVD player breathes life into customers’ old movie collections, enabling them to catch up on old favourites any time they like – subscription-free. With so many pre-loved DVDs available for just pennies on auction platforms, the JB-DVD1811 offers a very low-cost way of enjoying thousands of hours of Hollywood entertainment.”

The JB-DVD1811 DVD Player is available for retailers to order from Mitchell & Brown now with a suggested retail price of just £49.99.

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