Mitchell & Brown Feature In Retra Alert Winter Edition 2023!

In the latest edition of Retra’s Alert Magazine, our very own Purchasing Director, Dan Brown, and Sales Director, Rob Greenlees sat down with journalist Sean Hannam at the Mitchell & Brown HQ for our brand-new Experience Centre launch day to catch up on all the exciting things going on within the business.

Sean Hannam: TVD Group owns the Mitchell & Brown TV brand, which is on display at the Experience Centre. What’s your take on the TV market now? Is it tough?

Dan Brown: Yes – it’s tough and competitive, but it’s been likethat for the past 26 years – nothing really changes. Since the internet came in, which was a long time ago, a lot of things are more visible – you do come up with some discounters…

SH: Have you had a good year?

DB: So far, so good. We’re up on last year – both Mitchell & Brown and the TVD Group. Last year was our best year ever.
Rob Greenlees: With our brand, we’ve stuck to our word – it is for the independents, and we’ve never wavered from that. You won’t see us on AO and discounters.
DB: We’ve been approached, and we’ve talked to them, but we thought it would affect our business.

SH: You sell through Euronics and Sirius, and other independents…

DB: We do sell to Euronics retailers – and we have Pik-a-Pak, or Bluestem, as they are now, who distribute our products.

SH: You’ve made a big thing of the seven-year parts and labour warranty on your products, which sets you apart…

DB: Exactly.
RG: We’ve had a central stand [for the TVs] from the beginning, which is a big thing for independents.
DB: What we tend to do is listen to our customers and then act on it.
RG: We can’t cater for everyone, but we try our best.
DB: In the early days, we had some comments about improving the sound – with a lot of flatscreen TVs, the sound isn’t that brilliant… We addressed that and we improved the sound by putting speaker boxes within the screen.
RG: We were asked for a big button remote, so we brought that to market in the past few months – it’s been greatly received by the independents and the end users.

SH: Is that because your customers tend to be older?

DB: Our demographic is 60-plus.
RG: The big button remote is a good add-on sale for dealers – they can package it with the TV.

Mitchell & Brown TVs in the TVD Group Showroom

SH: Are you looking for more Mitchell & Brown dealers?

DB: We’re always looking for more. They’re guaranteed a 20 to 25 percent margin across the year and we also offer next-day delivery – whether it’s single or multiple items.
RG: We also offer POS and bespoke walls for shops, and 50/50 advertising with the dealers in their local area.

SH: You launched QLED TVs last year – what are your future plans for Mitchell & Brown?

DB: We’re currently looking at OLED, but whether that’s going to happen the early part of next year…We’ve got to negotiate a little bit harder.

SH: But you’re confident for the business going forward?

DB: Yes – we’ve got more or less a screen size that suits everybody.

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