Mitchell & Brown Unveils the Symphony BAR400 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer as A Premier AV Offering for Electrical Retailers

Mitchell & Brown has added to its retailer portfolio with a new soundbar, complete with a wireless subwoofer. At under £200 retail, the Symphony BAR400 is a compact, attractive and easy-to-use soundbar that brings a new level of audio performance to the brand’s range.

Packing 400W of amplification and 2.1-channel sound in a robust and attractive design, the Symphony BAR400 offers HDMI ARC, digital, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth inputs. These make it simple to improve TV sound and equally suitable for playing music from a phone or smart device. Its Dolby Digital processing automatically creates 3D sound for movies, eliminating the need for complex options and setup.

“We are very excited to launch the Symphony BAR400,” says Mitchell & Brown Operations Director, Dan Brown. “We have worked very hard to create a simple-to-use and good-looking soundbar that delivers premium sound without the hassle of menus, settings and complex multi-channel configurations. In-store, simply plug and play the Symphony BAR400 with one of our TVs – or any other brand – and it delivers big, room-filling sound that makes for a compelling trade-up sale.”

The Symphony BAR400 uses sound directly from the TV via HDMI ARC or optical connection to play sound from the content onscreen, no matter what source the customer is viewing. Volume links to the TV remote control making the experience seamless. Switch the soundbar off, and the TV goes back to playing sound through its own loudspeakers – ideal for late-night viewing not to disturb family or neighbours.

For ease of use, the Symphony BAR400 comes with a robust remote control covering the main features, plus the ability to fine-tune the sound and bass output. A touch Bluetooth button, a large mute button and a jog-dial make this remote far more intuitive than many competitor products at the price. 

A sleek, circular control panel on top of the soundbar allows quick volume adjustment even if the user can’t easily find their TV remote control or their smart device when listening via Bluetooth. The input button scrolls through its HDMI ARC, USB, Optical, Coaxial and AUX inputs, with voice notification and colour-coded illumination of each input. The subwoofer powers on/off with the main soundbar so it can be hidden away behind the sofa if required.

“We have priced the Symphony BAR400 very competitively at £199.99,” adds Dan, “This RRP makes it an attractive option for consumers looking to upgrade their TV sound without breaking the bank. This price point is strategically set to maximize sales volume and profitability for our retail partners, and its class-leading ease of use fits perfectly with the Mitchell & Brown customer demographic.”

The Symphony BAR400 features a sleek contemporary design that fits neatly under any television setup on a table or stand or can be wall-mounted thanks to keyhole mounts on the rear. The connection panel is deeply recessed to ensure cables and connections are hidden, however the Symphony BAR400 is positioned.

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