Our New Big Button Remote Control!

At Mitchell & Brown, we are excited to have launched one of the easiest-to-use universal TV remote controls on the market!

Thousands of TV viewers struggle with the complexity, small buttons, and microscopic icons on today’s TV remote controls. We have launched a solution, ideal for those with arthritic hands, poor eyesight or just fed up with their TV remote having buttons they never use, The Mitchell & Brown Big Button Universal Remote Control is the perfect solution! 


With basic functions, big buttons, easy-to-read icons, and an ergonomic design to be comfortable in the hand, the Mitchell & Brown Big Button Remote Control requires no programming, code, or learning. Simply point it at your TV and it will control most TVs on the market since the year 2000 including all of those from major brands like Sony, LG, Philips, Panasonic, and Samsung, as well as every model in the Mitchell & Brown TV range from 24in white kitchen TVs to our flagship big-screen QLED 4K UHD Smart TVs.

“Universal remote controls are great, but they need programming, are often very complicated, and don’t offer any great advantage over the TV’s original controller,” says our Operations Director Dan Brown. “Our Big Button Remote is much easier to operate, quite simply insert batteries and play! It works with almost any TV on the market, from any brand, and offers the basic day-to-day volume, mute and channel functions on big, easy-to-find buttons with clear labelling. No other universal remote control is simpler to set up and use!”

Our Mitchell & Brown Big Button Remote Control majors on simplicity with point-and-go operation requiring no codes or IR learning, compatibility with the widest number of TV brands on the market, and large, raised buttons for basic functions with clear labelling. Ideal for those with poor finger dexterity or impaired vision, the control provides prominent volume adjustment and channel change buttons, alongside power, mute and menu controls.

While the technology behind how our Mitchell & Brown remote control works without any programming, making this a fairly unique product on the market, the technology means the remote can be taken from room to room, seamlessly operating different TVs around the home without any reprogramming.

“For those confounded by multiple remote controls for different TVs, one or more Big Button Remote Controls in the house means simple, familiar, truly universal operation no matter which TV you are viewing,” adds Dan. 

Compatible with all Mitchell & Brown TVs as well as models from the likes of Hitachi, Toshiba, Sharp, and Panasonic, the Mitchell & Brown Big Button Remote Control will work with almost any TV on the market as soon as the batteries are installed! The curved design has been engineered for an easy hold, with the main volume and channel Up/Down controls designed as oversized square buttons close to the natural thumb position.

Ideal for customers that have to put on ‘reader’ glasses to see the small icons on the traditional remote controls, our big button remote control solution is sure to prove popular. The design adds further functionality with source, menu, and info buttons, alongside a universal ‘back’ button for the TV menus, Freeview EPG, and smart TV app navigation.

With an RRP of £29.99 our Mitchell & Brown Big Button, Remote Control is available now from Mitchell & Brown independent retailers across the country.