Proud to be British
Proud to be British

Proud to be British

Born in Bolton and created and developed by a family-owned business, Mitchell & Brown exemplifies the local ethos and family values that many retailers have built their success on. This is why we believe we are the perfect fit for you and your business.

UK Customer Service

Whether you’re calling our UK call centre, need some expert advice or need to utilise our industry leading warranty, you will deal with someone who is knowledgeable, friendly and is based in the UK.

Buy British

With an increasing desire from UK consumers to buy British*, it is the perfect time to consider our Mitchell & Brown products for your business. In addition to this, according to a Brand Britain Report**, the international perception of the quality of British brands is increasing, meaning more consumers are more inclined to buy brands with a British label.

Heritage, Quality and Understanding

While TVD Group (NW) Ltd has grown to be a successful and multifaceted technology business, our success is built upon the knowledge, expertise and values that we still hold true. Our business started with retail stores in 1996, which followed on from Jim, Mat and Dan’s careers within the consumer electronics retail industry. We understand retailers because we are retailers. It’s this bond that allows Mitchell & Brown to understand the quality, reliability and peace of mind that retailers, and their clients alike, value.

*The Manufacturer Survey, 2018 **Barclays, 2018

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