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Launch date for ITV’s new streaming service revealed: say hello to ITVX!

The new streaming service that is set to replace ITV Hub finally has a launch date, even if it’s later than initially planned. The TV streaming service that was originally due to launch before the World Cup kicks off is now being released on 8th December 2022.

You may notice changes before the official launch date, the rollout of the new apps will be starting in the coming weeks. However, the new exclusive ITVX streaming titles will only become available on December 8th.

The majority of ITV’s new streaming service content will be free with adverts, but viewers who want the option to skip the ads will be able to sign up to a monthly subscription. This subscription will be accessible on all Mitchell and Brown Android TV models. 

What is ITVX?


In recent years, streaming TV has become dominant, so ITV is looking to upgrade its outdated ITV Hub app. Instead of a catch-up service, they are launching a brand-new streaming TV ‘destination’ that will compete with the market leaders in this field such as Netflix and Disney+.

ITVX will launch more than 10,000 free hours of on-demand content (with adverts), including 35 flagship shows, 200+ series and 250+ films. More content will be offered on the Premium (paid) tier, with new shows launching every week, often before they air on ITV’s standard channels.

In summary, most of ITVX’s content will be available on both the free and premium plans, with one exception – BritBox. BritBox is an online video subscription service with an array of British box sets from BBC and ITV and will be a ‘bonus’ feature for the Premium tier ITVX subscribers.


How much is ITVX?


At this time, official pricing for ITVX’s premium tier hasn’t been announced, though it’s expected to fall around the £5.99 per month mark, which is similar to the current price of BritBox (which will be included in ITVX’s premium tier.)


Where can I watch ITVX?


ITVX will be a streaming-only service, therefore it will require a broadband connection and a device that supports its app. ITVX will replace the ITV Hub app in most places where it was available up until now – on Mitchell and Brown Smart TVs*, streaming devices like the Roku and Fire TV, some Freeview Play recorders, mobile phones, tablets and more.

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*ITVX may not be supported on older generation Mitchell & Brown models.