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Smart TVs: Everything you need to know



Smart TVs have been around for a while but in the past few years they’ve gotten a whole lot smarter! With a whole host of intuitive features and internet connectivity, they’ve revolutionised the way we watch TV. The Mitchell and Brown Smart TV range allows you to stream your favourite films and TV shows with Freeview Play, access apps, browse social media and the newer models even offer voice control and smart home integration.


So, what is a Smart TV?


A smart TV is essentially the same as a regular TV, but they can connect to the internet. This permits users to access a multitude of web services in addition to the ability to stream content from the internet to your smart TV. Mitchell and Brown Smart TVs range from 24” – 65” so there’s an option for every room in the house, whether it’s for the kid’s bedrooms or front and centre in the living room for the whole family to enjoy.


Smart TV Vs Regular TV


The ability to access the internet is not the only advantage of a Smart TV compared to a regular TV. Smart TVs offer an advanced viewing experience by taking picture quality, audio, software updates and content to the next level. Smart TVs keep up with technological advancements by offering high resolution steaming options such as 4K or even 8K in some cases. 


What services do Smart TVs offer?


A smart TV can stream video on demand using services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, play music with Spotify and much more. This may include accessing your favourite apps, browsing websites using a built-in web browser, catching up on TV shows you’ve missed with Freeview Play, checking social media, or getting sports and weather updates. 


Other Smart TV benefits


Smart TVs are going where no TV has gone before, they’re not just for watching the latest episodes of your go-to TV series! They’re starting to sound less like a TV and more like the brains of your home. More and more smart TV models integrate with voice recognition tools like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can find live newsfeeds, search programmes on demand, control your devices or check the weather without having to lift a finger.


The Mitchell and Brown Smart TV range is the perfect choice for people who like having access to all their favourite media in one place.


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