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The best free TV shows for dog lovers


Everyone knows the UK is completely obsessed with our canine companions, from playful Pugs to lazy Labradors and everything in between! If you love dogs as much as us, we’ve chosen our top TV shows for dog lovers to watch on Freeview Play on your Mitchell and Brown Smart TV.


Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs – ITV Hub


TV legend Paul O’Grady visits Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, you’ll meet a lovable bulldog, blind Bichon, teacup Yorkie and many more that are bound to melt your heart and tempt you into accepting one more fur friend into your home.


Dogs Behaving Very Badly – My5


We all adore our four-legged friends, but they’re not always on their best behaviour when we want them to be. In Dog’s Behaving Very Badly, an expert dog trainer uses his years of experience to help show that lovable rogues are not beyond hope by correcting their bad behaviour.


Posh Dogs – All 4


Do these pups live a flashier life than you? Be prepared for extravagant parties, five-star hotels and designer clothes. Meet the pampered pooches whose owners treat them like one of their children.


The Dog House – All 4


This heart-warming dog dating show tries to match people with dogs and hopefully they fall in love. From a woman looking for unconditional love after a heartbreak to a three-legged Labrador searching for his new best friend, it highlights how much joy dogs bring into our lives.


How to Keep your Dog Happy at Home – ITV Hub


Dogs can become bored at home, especially while you are working. Watch this series that is packed to the brim with inspirational stories of how to form a special bond with your dog and tips on how to keep them entertained so you can have live together in perfect harmony.


Dogs with Incredible Jobs – My5


Some dogs have a bigger purpose than just being our best friends, they are specially trained to do jobs to help people, other animals, and the world at large. The job descriptions for these incredible canines includes providing companionship in a retirement village, protecting penguins and hunting for truffles.


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