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TV remote for elderly viewers

The Mitchell & Brown JB-1811UR large button universal remote is the perfect TV remote for elderly viewers and anyone with visual impairments.

Designed with their specific needs and challenges in mind, our big button TV remote is a more accessible and user-friendly alternative to a standard manufacturer control supplied with your TV.

Universal TV remotes

With a focus on accessibility, the universal tv remote features enhanced connectivity capabilities, allowing seamless synchronization with various TV models. Say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes and embrace the convenience of controlling your entertainment system with just one user-friendly device. Streamline your entertainment experience today!

No Setup Required!

Our Mitchell & Brown big button TV remote has been exclusively created to be an Easy TV remote for elderly operators to use with a simple layout and no setup necessary! Because our large button universal remote control is pre-programmed, you can use it right away. All you need to do with our universal TV remotes is insert the batteries and you’re ready to go; no need to fiddle around, and you’ll have more time to watch your favourite shows!

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Mitchell & Brown Big Button TV Remote Control


The Mitchell & Brown TV remote for elderly users was created with ease of use in mind. Say goodbye to confusing and ineffective TV remotes and hello to this big button TV remote.

We have only added the functions that are required and nothing else, resulting in universal TV remotes that include the essential buttons for TV control, such as power, volume, channel, input, and navigation.

Extra buttons can lead to confusion, but enlarged buttons with clear, bold labels make it an easy TV remote for elderly users and for those with visual impairments to identify and press the right buttons. making life much less stressful! 

Ergonomically Designed

We made sure that our Mitchell & Brown large button universal remote had an ergonomic grip design for ease of holding and comfort.

Our big button TV remote was ergonomically designed with comfort in mind so that even for prolonged use viewers still found our universal TV remotes comfortable. 

The lightweight design makes it easy grip which can also reduce strain on the hands and fingers.

Mitchell & Brown Big Button TV Remote

Built to Last

Constructed with longevity in mind, the Mitchell & Brown JB-1811UR large button universal remote is designed to withstand regular wear and tear and everyday usage, giving you assurance that your remote will perform consistently.

We are dedicated to creating products that enhance the lives of our customers. Experience the difference of universal TV remotes, where longevity, performance, and ease of use are harmoniously combined to cater to your needs.

At Mitchell and Brown, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible TV experience. If you need any help setting up your TV or have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us