Google Smart TV - How to make the most of Google Assistant on your Mitchell & Brown Android TV

What is a Google Smart TV or Google Assistant TV?

A TV with Google Assistant allows you to do more on your TV with just your voice. By pressing the Google Assistant button on your Mitchell & Brown Android TV remote you can ask your Google Smart TV to search for the latest blockbuster, stream shows, or open multiplayer games.

A TV with Google Assistant can also manage tasks and add these to your calendar. Or ask it questions and see the answers on your TV!

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What can I use voice control for on my Google Assistant Smart TV and what are the benefits?

Searching smart apps for content can be laborious and time-consuming if you have to use a virtual keyboard and navigate the cursor letter by letter. A TV with Google Assistant voice control makes that so much easier, with simple voice commands like “play Tomorrow Never Dies”. Without voice control, that is a lot of letters to type!


That voice functionality is even more useful on a Mitchell & Brown TV with Google Assistant if you don’t know the exact title of the content you want to watch. For example, you can say “Show me all James Bond films” for a complete list of all those available. This functionality is great for YouTube searches based on genre or theme and the voice command “play funny cat videos” is bound to highlight some hilarious content. These genre and content searches leverage the power of AI embedded in the Android Google Smart TV system to suggest a selection of content based on what you ask.


Across our Google Assistant TV range, that search intelligence extends to music services too, including Deezer and Spotify, and makes generic searches much more likely to deliver the results you want. Simply saying “play the best songs from the 1980s” will unearth a wealth of content you may have forgotten about, or never even heard of, meaning you will never find it through basic text search by artist or track title. A Google Assistant Smart TV with voice control from our Android TV range brings all the benefits of a smart-assistant along with much more content available than any smart speaker can offer.

M&B TV Remote Google Assistant
Android TV Range

What are the key products in the Mitchell & Brown range?

We introduced our Android TV platform across our entire range of smart TVs in 2021, and last year introduced a microphone embedded into our smart TV remote controls to enable Google Assistant voice control of the Google Smart TV. This allows users to replicate a lot of essential functions of the remote control, including volume up/down, changing channels or even turning the TV off, as well as engaging with built-in apps like Disney+, Amazon Prime and even YouTube on our TVs.

I don’t have a TV with Google Assistant, do I need one?

Whilst you don’t nessarily need a Google Smart TV or Google Assistant TV, it does making finding your favrouite content much easier and quicker, whilst also offering the opportunity to discover new exciting content with more generic searches.

We really see a TV with Google Assistant functionality and voice control becoming the dominant way to control many consumer electronics products in the home, particularly across entertainment sectors. Better still, with network based firmware updates, the functionality and flexibility of these services grow almost weekly. 

Looking for a Google Smart TV or Google Assistant TV?

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