How to make sure your TV is in the best position

How to make sure your TV is in the best position

How to make sure your TV is in the best position

Being the centre of entertainment and a part of family life, our TV’s play a special role in our homes. As televisions are a big part of everyday life, it’s worth making some time to ensure that they’re in the right place for the best viewing experience.If you were to ask 10 people how they mounted their TV, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. In this post, we will go through all of the different placement options so you can find the perfect spot for your home, from distance to the viewing angle – we’ve got you covered.Distance

TV distance viewing is essential when increasing your viewing experience. The ideal distance is based on the size and resolution of your television, making it difficult to understand the exact distance you need to get the most immersive television viewing experience.

For example, if you own a 4K TV, the perfect viewing distance is 1.5 times the screen size of your TV, and for the best viewing quality and detail for a 55in TV, it is best viewed from approx 2.1 metres away. Although it may seem complicated and a lot to take in, the right distance provides you with the best viewing quality and experience.


In terms of height, your eyes should always fall roughly one third of the way down your TV’s screen from the top as that is where the action takes place. The important thing is to avoid placing your TV too high, however practicalities like furniture means that you may need to place your TV a little higher or lower, so don’t worry too much if it isn’t quite right.

Another tip is to avoid placing your TV above a fireplace, not only will you be craning your neck to watch it, but the electronics inside a TV are very sensitive and could be damaged by the heat generated by the fire.

Viewing angle

Sitting straight on will give you the best picture quality. However, if you have multiple seats in the room, an alternative suggestion would be to place your TV so it’s at an equal angle to all. You should also prevent placing your TV at a sharp angle as this will diminish the image quality, and also be uncomfortable to watch.


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