What is Paramount+ ?

Paramount+ is one of the many streaming sites where you can watch your favourite films and TV episodes. One of the advantages of having a smart TV is that you can access apps like Paramount+ right on your screen, making it easier to consume the films and TV shows that you want.

Paramount+ is not a currently pre-installed app on Mitchell and Brown TVs but is available on any of our android TV range, you can log in to the Google play store on your TV and download the Paramount+ app, with ease.

This popular streaming service debuted in the US in 2021 and expanded to the UK in 2022. With approximately 8,000 hours of content to be consumed. Blockbuster films, binge-worthy TV shows, eye-opening documentaries, and children’s programming are all part of the lineup of Paramount+. All from production firms like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, and, of course, Paramount Pictures, all available for you to consume with the press of a button.


Create a personalised viewing experience

You can currently set up to six distinct user accounts in a single Paramount+ account, however, you can only watch on up to three user accounts at once.

By creating separate users for each person who will be using the Paramount+ account, everyone will be able to enjoy their own tailored viewing experience. Everyone watches and saves TV shows and films they enjoy or want to watch later. This allows the Paramount+ algorithm to learn what kind of material you like to consume and then propose related TV series and films to you. This is an amazing and simple approach to readily available content that you are likely to enjoy!


Explore new worlds and meet captivating characters in new originals & exclusive series you can’t see anywhere else.



With exclusive movie premieres hitting the streaming platform every week, you will be about to have a blockbuster movie night every night, with Paramount+!



With gripping drama, edge-of-your-seat action, reality royalty, hit comedies and compelling docs, there is something for everyone, all in one place.



There is something for the whole family to enjoy, and with parental controls you can let the kids watch worry-free.


Android TV

What exactly is an Android TV? – After Google shut down Google TV in 2014, the platform was recreated with Android TV. To put it simply, Android TV was created to deliver all the apps and features you love on your phone to your tv! This does not mean you can make phone calls or send emails from your TV, but it does allow you to access and simply navigate all the entertainment that you would normally consume on your phone on the big screen!

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Mitchell & Brown QLED TV

Immerse yourself in a world of stunning visuals, with one of our Mitchell and Brown QLED TVs. Delivering vibrant colours, sharp details, and exceptional picture clarity, our QLED TVS offers sleek and stylish design, and seamlessly blend into any living space.

Navigating through channels, streaming services, and apps with our effortless user-friendly Android TV interface and intuitive features. And with our 7-year warranty you can be rest assured that your Mitchell and Brown TV provides total peace of mind.

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